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Project Profiles

    Repairs to Port San Luis Breakwater

    Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Date(s): August 2005
    Project scope: Prime contract to place approximately 2,500 metric tons of 16-ton stone as well as reset existing armor stone.

    Pier T Berths T132-T134

    Owner: Port of Long Beach
    Date(s): April - July 2005
    Project scope: This $75.9 million project was a Joint Venture between CP and Manson Construction Co. CP portion was the demolition activities, furnish and install 750,000 tons of stone. The demolition consisted of demolishing three concrete Navy piers that included removal of approximately 1,500 timber and steel fender piles; removing approximately 70,000 tons of reinforced concrete deck, and removing approximately 5,000 pre-stressed, large diameter concrete piles.

    Pier T Marine Terminal Construction,Ph. 3 -Pier T, Berths T132-T134

    Owner: Port of Long Beach
    Date(s): April 2003 - June 2005
    Project scope: Demolition, furnish and install 749,000 tons of stone.

    Isthmus Pier Restoration

    Owner: Catalina Island Co.
    Date(s): January - March 2005
    Project scope: Renovate Isthmus Pier.

    Berth 78 Brigantine Berthing

    Owner: Port of Los Angeles
    Date(s): July - October 2004
    Project scope: Demolish existing dock, F&I plastic piling, construct new floating dock for brigantine ships, electrical/mechanical.