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Project Profiles

    Berths 261-267 Wharf Rehabilitation

    Owner: Port of Los Angeles
    Date(s): December 2007 - October 2008
    Project scope: Demo existing timber wharves, repair or replace existing piles & decking; pave new asphalt surface over new wharf deck.

    Harbor Scenic and I.T.S. Rail Project

    Owner: Port of Long Beach
    Date(s): August - October 2008
    Project scope: Relocate THUMS Long Beach Company marine facility at Pier J.

    THUMS Island White Barge Harbor Ramp Repair

    Owner: THUMS
    Date(s): May - June 2008
    Project scope: Refurbish barge ramp.

    THUMS Pier G Barge Harbor Ramp

    Owner: THUMS
    Date(s): October 2007 - January 2008
    Project scope: Replace barge ramp.

    Pier G Terminal Redevelopment, Berths G230-G236

    Owner: Port of Long Beach
    Date(s): October 2006 - January 2007
    Project scope: Furnish & place 12" rock and A-500 armor rock.