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Project Profiles

    Oceanside Harbor Breakwater & Jetty Modifications

    Owner: USACOE
    Date(s): June 1993 - January 1995
    Project scope: Extend detached breakwater and repair south jetty; construct south jetty spur; furnish and place 75,782.5 tons of stone.

    Monterey Breakwater Repair

    Owner: U.S. Army, Corp of Engineers
    Date(s): September - October 1993
    Project scope: Furnish  + 15,000 tons of stone.

    Detached Breakwater - Ventura

    Owner: USA,COE
    Date(s): September 1992 - May 1993
    Project scope: Repair detached breakwater; furnish and place 36,250 tons of stone.

    Redondo Beach Breakwater Repairs

    Owner: USCORPS
    Date(s): September 1991 - March 1993
    Project scope: Repair north & south breakwater; extend south breakwater; furnish and place 196,839.6 tons of stone.

    THUMS Pier G Rubber Bumpers

    Owner: THUMS
    Date(s): May - July 2010
    Project scope: Replacement of rubber bumper guards at Pier G barge fender system.

    Berths 73 WXYZ/191 Wharf Rehabilitation

    Owner: Port of Los Angeles
    Date(s): December 2008 - June 2010
    Project scope: Rehab of timber wharves, replace, remove & repair damaged timber bearing and batter piles, perform pile wrapping & repair asphalt concrete.

    Pier G North Slip Wharf Demo

    Owner: Port of Long Beach
    Date(s): November 2009 - May 2010
    Project scope: Pier G, Berths G230-G236, North Slip Wharf demolition.

    Island Chaffee Barge Ramp Repairs

    Owner: THUMS
    Date(s): August 2009 April 2010
    Project scope: Install Chaffee barge ramp and replace fire lines.

    Seal Beach Deck Rehab

    Owner: City of Seal Beach
    Date(s): August 2008 - April 2009
    Project scope: Pier Deck Rehab, Phases I & II.