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Project Profiles

    Port Hueneme Maintenance (Manson #80-08-011)

    Owner: USACE
    Date(s): May - July 2009
    Project scope: Furnish & install 33,900 tons armor rock.

    Port of San Luis Breakwater Repairs

    Owner: USACE
    Date(s): August 2005 - March 2006
    Project scope: Furnish & place 2,500 tons of stone for breakwater repair.

    Repairs to Port San Luis Breakwater

    Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Date(s): August 2005
    Project scope: Prime contract to place approximately 2,500 metric tons of 16-ton stone as well as reset existing armor stone.

    Berth 78 Brigantine Berthing

    Owner: Port of Los Angeles
    Date(s): July - October 2004
    Project scope: Drive piles and build floating dock for brigantine ships berthing.

    Ventura South Beach Groin Repair

    Owner: USACOE
    Date(s): July - October 2003
    Project scope: Rebuilt the existing Groin, placed 19,000 tons of stones.

    Port of Long Beach Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment Stage 2

    Owner: Port of Long Beach
    Date(s): January 2012 - November 2013
    Project scope: Dike & landfill construction Wharf & Backlands Redevelopment, Phase 1, Stage 2 @ Pier E, Berths E25-E27.

    Port of Los Angeles Channel Deepening

    Owner: Port of Los Angeles
    Date(s): September 2002 - September 2013
    Project scope: This $192 million contract consists of dike and landfill construction (L.A. Deepening Constructors / a joint venture of Manson Construction, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock and CP). In addition to participating in the demolition and surcharge phases, CP supplied and placed in excess of 2.7 million tons of quarry run stone, 325,000 tons of gravel, and nearly 200,000 tons of armor stone.

    Port of Los Angeles Channel Deepening (2010), Los Angeles & Long Beach Harbors, San Pedro Bay, CA

    Owner: USACE
    Date(s): July 2010 - September 2013
    Project scope: Furnish & place 1,142,100 tons QR, 27,900 tons A-250 armor stone, & 14,880 tons A-500 armor stone to construct rock dike for channel deepening.

    Berth 100 Wharf South Extension & Backland Development

    Owner: Port of Los Angeles
    Date(s): August 2012 - June 2013
    Project scope: Furnish & install 140,000 tons QR, 13,000 tons A-250 rip rap, 5,000 tons gravel drainage blanket.

    Port of Long Beach Deepening ARRA (Manson Contract #80-09-008)

    Owner: USACE
    Date(s): February 2010 - November 2011
    Project scope: Furnish & Place 220,000 tons QR rock and 15,000 tons armor stone at Pier G.

    Bolsa Chica Lowlands Restoration Project (Huntington Beach)

    Owner: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
    Date(s): March - September 2005
    Project scope: Furnish 200,000 MT of stone.

    San Onofre Rip Rap Repairs (San Onofre)

    Owner: SCE (SONGS)
    Date(s): August - September 2004
    Project scope: Furnish & install 1,500 tons of ballast stone

    Berth 100 Container Wharf

    Owner: Port of Los Angeles
    Date(s): May - December 2002
    Project scope:

    Pier G Berth 236 Wharf

    Owner: Port of Long Beach
    Date(s): May - October 2002
    Project scope: Subcontract to supply and place 54,600 tons A-500 Armor Stone at Berth 236 - Port of Long Beach.

    Berth 144 Wharf Replacement

    Owner: Port of Los Angeles
    Date(s): September - November 2001
    Project scope: Subcontract to supply and place 70,000 tons quarry run, 12,500 tons A-500 Armor Stone and recycle 3,100 tons of rip rap at Berth 144 - Port of Los Angeles.

    PRC-421 Pier Remnant Removal & Bird Roost Installation Project

    Owner: BP/Arco
    Date(s): October - November 2005
    Project scope: Subcontract with Fairweather Pacific LLC to supply and place (underwater) roughly 4,500 tons of Armor Stone. CP also converted flat barge CP44 into a temporary derrick barge for charter to Divecon Services, LP in connection with their work on this project.

    San Elijo Ocean Outfall Reballast Project (San Elijo)

    Owner: San Elijo Joint Powers Authority
    Date(s): September - Ocotber 2005
    Project scope: Furnish 47,000 tons of ballast stone.

    Orange County Outfall Repair

    Owner: Orange County Sanitation District
    Date(s): July - October 2002
    Project scope: $4.9 million contract to place 60,000 tons of reballast stone in 60 feet of water, misc outfall repairs.

    Southern California Edison Experimental Kelp Reef (San Clemente)

    Owner: Southern California Edison
    Date(s): July - October 1999
    Project scope: Built 22.4 acre artificial reef; furnished and place 18,462 tons of stone and 15,413 tons of concrete.

    White Point Outfall Reballast

    Owner: Los Angeles County Sanitation
    Date(s): August - October 1999
    Project scope: Furnish 44,500 tons of ballast stone.

    Eagle Rock Aggregates Inc. Ship Mooring, Berth D44

    Owner: Eagle Rock Aggregates, Inc.
    Date(s): June 2014 - January 2015
    Project scope: Demolition of existing structures, excavate and prepare ground for structural foundations.

    Al Larson Boat Yard Fender Pile

    Owner: Al Larson Boat Shop
    Date(s): February - March 2014
    Project scope: Install new piling.

    Port of Long Beach Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment

    Owner: Port of Long Beach
    Date(s): April - May 2013
    Project scope: Install new piling.

    North Dock Marine Repair at Pier J

    Owner: THUMS
    Date(s): November 2012 - March 2013
    Project scope: Install new dock. Strip and coat piles.

    THUMS Marine Repairs

    Owner: THUMS
    Date(s): April - September 2011
    Project scope: Pier G Finger Pier West Side Panel inspection, All Islands Boat Landing Rubber Bumper Replacement, Pier J Boat Dock Haul-out; Island Freeman boat landing upgrades.

    Repair existing sea walls (Newport Beach)

    Owner: Bahia Corinthian
    Date(s): October - December 1996
    Project scope: Construct a 100 foot whaler, 17 pile sea wall stabilization system and install a 275 foot Atlas anchor tieback system.

    Storm Damage Repair to the Bayshore Marina (Newport Beach)

    Owner: The Irvine Company
    Date(s): June 1995- January 1996
    Project scope: Demolish and reconstruct 10,200 sq. ft. of floating dock, furnish and install ADA ramp.